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Newbie's Guide to Gulf Shores

Ok, let me guess. You have never been to Gulf Shores before or it’s been a long time. You’re not alone, over half the people we rent to every year are just like you, new to Gulf Shores. Let me guess something else, you’re giving Gulf Shores a try because it takes less time to get there by car,  you heard that it has not nearly as crowded as other resort towns on a beach and that it is a lot less expensive. Those are the three top reasons guests give me when I ask them why they are coming to Gulf Shores and they are all true. So, you are all set all you need now is a little background on our little town on a big beach so here’s your  Newbie’s Guide to Gulf Shores.


Top Kid Friendly Places in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

I recently posted and article from the Mobile’s Press Register on our Gulf Shores Beach Days facebook page about kid friendly restaurants on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The response from readers so large that I decided to write an article on all the kid friendly places my grandkids like to go to. So, here you have it, Rod’s Top Kid Friendly Places in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. (more…)