Landscape on Parking Deck Level 2015 Update

This past winter the 3 dead palms from last winter were removed as well as some of the other bushes.  In their place about a dozen rose bushes and pine straw were installed in an effort to improve the looks of the property from the walkways above.

Below is the before image from Sept 2014 (note all 3 palms perished from the hard freeze here in January 2014)


Those 3 dead palm trees have now been replaced with a dozen or so rose bushes

NW Corner

Below is the Northeast corner where the palms were cut down some years ago.  Now rose bushes have been installed their place… and of course more pine straw.

New bushes NW corner

Palms and pine straw replaced Feb 2015

Center palms replaced

Pine straw is the great cover up so to speak and needs to be replaced 2-3 times per year dependent upon the quality of pine straw purchased.  All in all a needed maintenance/upgrade item to return Crystal Shores back to being more in line with guest/owners