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Newbie's Guide to Gulf Shores

Ok, let me guess. You have never been to Gulf Shores before or it’s been a long time. You’re not alone, over half the people we rent to every year are just like you, new to Gulf Shores. Let me guess something else, you’re giving Gulf Shores a try because it takes less time to get there by car,  you heard that it has not nearly as crowded as other resort towns on a beach and that it is a lot less expensive. Those are the three top reasons guests give me when I ask them why they are coming to Gulf Shores and they are all true. So, you are all set all you need now is a little background on our little town on a big beach so here’s your  Newbie’s Guide to Gulf Shores.


Top Kid Friendly Places in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

I recently posted and article from the Mobile’s Press Register on our Gulf Shores Beach Days facebook page about kid friendly restaurants on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The response from readers so large that I decided to write an article on all the kid friendly places my grandkids like to go to. So, here you have it, Rod’s Top Kid Friendly Places in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. (more…)

What to do on Rainy Days in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Rain on beach

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are sunny places with well over 200 sunny days per year so your chances of not seeing rain are pretty good. When it does rain many times it only last for a short time as the prevailing winds off the gulf blow the weather system out of the area. A good rule of thumb when looking at the local weather forceast is to remember that the weather on the beach is much different than 10 miles inland. It is very possible that when the forecast says 60% of scattered shows that you will see no rain at all on the beach. All that being said here is some quick advice on what to do on Rainy Days in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. (more…)

Dauphin Island Day Tour

The Dauphin Island Day Tour is a great day of Civil War forts, a ferry trip across the Mobile Bay and a Sea Lab Educational Center on Dauphin Island.

Dauphin Island


This tour starts at the tip of the Fort Morgan peninsula with a tour of Fort Morgan, takes the Mobile Ferry to Dauphin Island, visits the Dauphin Island’s Sea Lab (Estuarium), visits Fort Gaines and finishes with a return trip on the Mobile Ferry back to Fort Morgan



The Gulf Shores Zoo In Alabama!


The Alabama Gulf Shores Zoo started is one of Gulf Shore’s hidden treasures. It was in 1989 by Joey Ward as a for profit enterprise in 1991 the Ward family converted the zoo to the non-profit it is today. The Gulf Coast zoo resides on 13 acres of land located less than 2 miles from the beach on Route 59.

On September 2, 2004 Hurricane Ivan slammed into Gulf Shores and placed the zoo under 10 feet of water. With news of the upcoming storm the zoo had to find a safe place to move the animals.

A heroic true story is how zoo director, Patti Hall, (image attached) and arranged to have the animals transported to her personal property located North of Gulf Shores. (more…)

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail - Orange Beach

backcountry trail

With all the talk about the beaches you may never notice that Orange beach and Gulf Shores sport over 30 miles of walking and bike trails. The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is a collection of six walking/biking black topped trails that take you for a relaxing tour of the natural woodlands of the area.

There are several places to get on the trail called trail heads. My favorite place to enter the trail system is on State Park road #2. There are two State Park roads. State park road #1 is located directly across from the Gulf Shore State Park Pier where the zip lines are. This road follows the west edge of Shelby Lake up to Fort Morgan road. If you followed that road it turns in to State Park road #2 and returns you to the beach road. (more…)

Why Gulf Shores Continues To Win Top Ratings

Gulf Shores Wins High Ratings Again – No Surprise!. You may have notice that Gulf Shores was rated as the number 2 vacation destination in the country in a recent Good Morning America Poll but this is not the first time that the Gulf Shores Beaches have won a top rating as a vacation destination.

The Beach

Here are a few other sources that have rated Gulf Shores as a top family destination.The Travel Channel rated Gulf Shores as one of the top 5 gulf coast beaches. The National Resources Defense Council gave Gulf Shore’s beaches “Super Star” quality water rating. Southern Living gave Gulf Shores the number one slot as the best family destination for under $200/night. Parents Magazine rated Gulf Shores as one of the top ten beach towns for Families. So you might be curious as to Why Gulf Shores Continues To Win Top Ratings as one of the top vacation destinations in the country.  As grandfather of nine and a frequent visitor to Gulf Shores, none of this comes as any surprise to me. Let me tell you why.