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How not to get Sunburned at the Beach



If there is one thing as predictable as the return of the “Swallows” to Capistrano it is people getting badly sunburned at the beach. Don’t feel bad almost everyone has got caught by surprise so here a little advise on How not to get SunBurned at the Beach.

#1 Realize that the sun is a lot hotter on the beach than it is where you come from. Everyone knows that the sun is hotter today than it was 30 years ago, right?. What people don’t realize fast enough is that the sun is much brighter on the beach than it is up north so however long you think it will take before you burned, cut it in half. (more…)

The Gulf Shores Zoo In Alabama!


The Alabama Gulf Shores Zoo started is one of Gulf Shore’s hidden treasures. It was in 1989 by Joey Ward as a for profit enterprise in 1991 the Ward family converted the zoo to the non-profit it is today. The Gulf Coast zoo resides on 13 acres of land located less than 2 miles from the beach on Route 59.

On September 2, 2004 Hurricane Ivan slammed into Gulf Shores and placed the zoo under 10 feet of water. With news of the upcoming storm the zoo had to find a safe place to move the animals.

A heroic true story is how zoo director, Patti Hall, (image attached) and arranged to have the animals transported to her personal property located North of Gulf Shores. (more…)

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail - Orange Beach

backcountry trail

With all the talk about the beaches you may never notice that Orange beach and Gulf Shores sport over 30 miles of walking and bike trails. The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is a collection of six walking/biking black topped trails that take you for a relaxing tour of the natural woodlands of the area.

There are several places to get on the trail called trail heads. My favorite place to enter the trail system is on State Park road #2. There are two State Park roads. State park road #1 is located directly across from the Gulf Shore State Park Pier where the zip lines are. This road follows the west edge of Shelby Lake up to Fort Morgan road. If you followed that road it turns in to State Park road #2 and returns you to the beach road. (more…)

Why Gulf Shores Continues To Win Top Ratings

Gulf Shores Wins High Ratings Again – No Surprise!. You may have notice that Gulf Shores was rated as the number 2 vacation destination in the country in a recent Good Morning America Poll but this is not the first time that the Gulf Shores Beaches have won a top rating as a vacation destination.

The Beach

Here are a few other sources that have rated Gulf Shores as a top family destination.The Travel Channel rated Gulf Shores as one of the top 5 gulf coast beaches. The National Resources Defense Council gave Gulf Shore’s beaches “Super Star” quality water rating. Southern Living gave Gulf Shores the number one slot as the best family destination for under $200/night. Parents Magazine rated Gulf Shores as one of the top ten beach towns for Families. So you might be curious as to Why Gulf Shores Continues To Win Top Ratings as one of the top vacation destinations in the country.  As grandfather of nine and a frequent visitor to Gulf Shores, none of this comes as any surprise to me. Let me tell you why.


Lighthouse Vacation Homes In Gulf Shores | Life At The Beach!

The Lighthouse vacation rentals were originally a rambling wooden apartment building on Gulf Shores Beach. It had a community laundry area where people would meet up as they washed their clothes. To this day people who stayed at the “Old” lighthouse still think back of those as the good old days and stay in touch.

Today the Lighthouse building is 750 feet ling and  houses 283 condos and is one of the premiere buildings on the beach. It was that easy getting here, though. Construction had already begun when hurricane Ivan landed on the Alabama Gulf Shores Coast. (more…)

Golfing In Gulf Shores Alabama | Best Places For A Hole-In-One!


Golfing is a huge item in Gulf Shores Alabama. Everyone from Arnold Palmer to Robert Trent Jones has built courses down there. I am a bit of a golfer and I have a lot of friends who play a couple of times a week in Gulf Shores.

Here is a link that shows a lot of the courses reasonably near the beach. Now I am going to really step out on a ledge here and give you my advise on golf courses.

If you are serious and have the money to pay for it, these are courses that everyone talks about… (more…)

Getting a Business License and Collecting Lodging Taxes in the Cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

paperworkGetting a Business License and Collecting Lodging Taxes in the Cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can seem pretty intimidating when you are first faced with the task but like most things once you look at it is not as difficult as it originally seemed.

The easiest way to deal with the issue, of course, is to employ a property management company. They will act as your “Agent”. They will file all your paperwork, collect the lodging taxes and make sure they get paid on time.

The services of a property management company will run 20-30% of your gross rentals but for someone who does not have the time or the interest this may be the perfect answer. (more…)

Introducing The Owner's Cafe

People at Cafe

Introducing The Owner’s Cafe – For hundreds of years people have migrated to Cafe’s to share time with friends, meet new people or just to think. There is something about the relaxed atmosphere and effects of coffee that transports people, if only for a while, out of the daily race of events and into a place of rest and calm. It is the perfect place to share ideas.

Sharing ideas and information is what Gulf Shores Beach Days Owner’s cafe is all about. Look forward to articles being published on how to work with local and state governments like getting your business license and paying your lodging taxes and advise on the daily operation of your vacation rental business in Alabama.