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Thanksgiving at the FloraBama in Orange Beach, Alabama


Every Thanksgiving in Orange Beach, Alabama the FloraBama Hosts a Thanksgiving dinner.

They supply the meat and everyone else brings a dish to pass


Florabama Bar


This is a special time for many people whose families are far away. When you attend one of these dinners you sit down with people you don’t know and share the gratitude we all have for being lucky enough to live in this country.


Here’s a Video of this Years Thanksgiving at the FloraBama



Rod's Restaurant Reviews | Talking Gulf Shores AL Southern Cuisine!

downtown gulf shores al

People are always asking me where’s the best place to eat. Of course, the answer to that all depends on what you are looking for so I am going to break my reviews down into categories: Seafood, Steaks & Such, Barbecue, Italian, Fun Places to Go, Best Breakfast, Cheap Food, Lunch on the Beach and Fine Dining. So here is “Rod’s Restaurant Reviews.”

I will give you a brief description of the place and what I think of it, a star rating (* to *****) and their address. There are a lot of places to eat in Gulf Shores and this is just a list of safe bets. A way you can help is to post your restaurant experiences on our Gulfshoresbeachdays facebook page and I will use your input to update this list. (more…)