How not to get Sunburned at the Beach



If there is one thing as predictable as the return of the “Swallows” to Capistrano it is people getting badly sunburned at the beach. Don’t feel bad almost everyone has got caught by surprise so here a little advise on How not to get SunBurned at the Beach.

#1 Realize that the sun is a lot hotter on the beach than it is where you come from. Everyone knows that the sun is hotter today than it was 30 years ago, right?. What people don’t realize fast enough is that the sun is much brighter on the beach than it is up north so however long you think it will take before you burned, cut it in half.

#2 SPF 30 is good enough some dermatologists say even SPF 15 is enough. What ever the case the bottom line is that anything over SPF 30 is nothing more than marketing. An interesting fact is that sprays are as effective as creams so if you don’t like putting all that goop on yourself, use a spray.

#3 There is no such thing as waterproof sun screen. Regardless of what the tube says if you go in the water you are going to wash some of the sunscreen off so make sure after your done you give yourself another dose. Speaking of water, sun rays do go through water and you can get really burned just hanging around the hot tub.

#4 Put on a shirt and wear a hat. OK, I know  you only have a week and you want to get a great tan. I get it. Just take it slow on the first day or two. After a reasonable time in the sun put on a shirt and a hat. You can tell if you are getting burned by pressing your figures against your skin. If you can see an image where you pressed your fingers, it’s time to slow down.

#5 Sunscreen only lasts for 2-3 hours so make sure you regularly reapply as needed.

#6 “All Natural” products are not regulated by the FDA so regardless of what the tube says, you have no way of knowing how effective it really is and I hope I don’t have to tell you that drinkable sunscreen does not work. Yes, there are people out there selling drinkable sun screen

#7 finally, sunscreen has a shelf life. Sunscreen will last up to three years on the shelf but starts to degrade after you open it. If you have sunscreen from last year or even worse from the year before, throw it away and buy a new tube. It is cheap insurance.

Have fun at the beach!

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