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If you a looking for something different to do, you can always take a day and visit some of the sites in Pensacola. Here’s a Pensacola Day Trip I take all the time.

Pensacola Florida has been around for a long time. It was originally founded by Spanish explorers in 1698. The name Pensacola is actually  the name of the Native American tribe that lived there when the Spanish arrived – The Pensacola Indians

Pensacola is half way between Destin, Florida and Gulf Shores, Alabama so it is a perfect day trip if you want for a change from the beach or on rainy days.

#1 Have Lunch at McGuires

Mcguires Irish Pub

The first place in Pensacola everybody goes to is McGuires . This is a great place, not only is the food very good but the restaurant is filled with nooks, crannies, and memorabilia. Oh, and not to forget, over a million dollars in one dollar bills stapled to the ceiling.

Another neat thing about this pub is that it serves bean soup everyday – for 19 cents and it’s very good. McGuires also has its own brewery so their beer selection is excellent.

Here is a picture of my brother in-law stapling his dollar to the ceiling. You really have to see it to believe it.

Mcguires RMestaurant

#2 Vist Joe Patti’s

Joe Patti

The next stop on the tour is a place called Joe Patti’s Seafood. From its humble beginnings in the 1930’s when Anna and Joe Patti started selling fish from their front porch on Devillers Street in Pensacola, Joe Patti’s has become a world-renowned source for quality seafood. When you first arrive you will see the fishing boats that are docked right next to the store.

Even if you don’t like fish you need to see this place. Fresh seafood of every imaginable type comes in off the dock. It doesn’t get any fresher. Not only do they sell fish but they also have a good wine selection, a sushi bar, bakery and gift shop.

Make sure you get some beignets from the sidewalk vendor that is there every day.




#3 Visit The National Naval Aviation Museum

AirplanesAnother stop that is worth the drive is the National Naval Aviation Museum. It is located in the Naval Air Station just east of Pensacola. Since it is on a naval base you have to clear security. Make sure you have you driver’s license with you. This is the station that the Blue Angels are stationed out of during the non-winter months so if you are lucky you may be able to see them practice. You need to check their schedule.

I keep returning to this place because I can’t believe the number of plans they have on display. I have been to Wright Patterson and the Kennedy Space Center and this beats them both.

You can either take a guided tour or you can just walk around. Don’t forget to ask about the second hanger they have. That is where they have a presidential helicopter, space modules, drones and an assortment of fighter jets. They also have an Imax theater and best of all admission to the museum is free.

There’s your day trip. Pensacola has many other attraction including really nice beaches, an old section of the city that looks like the French Quarter and many good restaurants.

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