Lighthouse Vacation Homes In Gulf Shores | Life At The Beach!

The Lighthouse vacation rentals were originally a rambling wooden apartment building on Gulf Shores Beach. It had a community laundry area where people would meet up as they washed their clothes. To this day people who stayed at the “Old” lighthouse still think back of those as the good old days and stay in touch.

Today the Lighthouse building is 750 feet ling and  houses 283 condos and is one of the premiere buildings on the beach. It was that easy getting here, though. Construction had already begun when hurricane Ivan landed on the Alabama Gulf Shores Coast.

Even though the building was still only pylons and a cement shell, extensive damage was done. The two outdoor pools that the Lighthouse has today are actually a second set the first set were raised up and thrown on the Beach.

Every electrical box, part, pipe and piece of equipment that was not completely destroyed was covered in salt and immediately started to rust.  The next several years is a testimonial to the hard work of the building’s association to make sure the Lighthouse would become the family destination of choice it is today.

The Lighthouse offers 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments (many with additional bunk rooms), two outdoor pools, two outdoor hot tubs, and indoor pool, work out area and sauna.

One of the outdoor pools is zero entry making ideal for younger children. Another aspect of this building I like are the glass doors each unit has leading out to it balcony. They are 9 fee tall made of solid glass that is rated for category 5 hurricane winds.

The views from these apartment are outstanding. If you are lucking enough to reserve an apartment on one of the Lighthouse angle wings you have a view like this.

From these angled wings your view is of several miles of pristine beach but all the views are good regardless of where you stay because the building is literally right on the beach and the balcony’s can range from 26 feet long for 1 an 2 bedrooms to over 60 feet for three bedrooms.

So the next time you go to Gulf Shores, Alabama check out the lighthouse. You will enjoy your stay

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